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Welcome to my online portfolio!

During the last 11 years of my career I was involved in broad range of internet production activities such as design, development, marketing, quality assurance and support of numerous very successful online properties.

I worked with clients from many industries - Financial Publishing, Online Recruiting, Sports Teams, Liquor Brands, Tourism, Cargo Shipping and Architecture Companies.

My key skills are analyzing user requirements and building user friendly Content Management Systems, utilizing freely available MySQL database and PHP scripting language.

In most cases I design Front End and Back End interfaces myself, but I also feel comfortable working of provided by client or 3rd party agency designs.

I have deep knowledge of current internet trends and able to suggest cost effective solutions that will get your business maximum return on investment.

As you know, daily business operations consistently brings new challenges that can dramatically impact company ability to operate and can cause serious losses if the problems are not solved promptly and efficiently. Every business needs someone who can be trusted in case of emergency, someone who can trace the problem and provide fast and solid remedy to it.

My clients benefit of my ability to provide complete solutions. I personally analyze project requirements, engineering database structure, building Back End applications, Designing and building easy to navigate Front End Graphic User Interfaces, Implementing 3rd party functionalities into my applications if required and performing Quality Assurance of final product.

Please visit Portfolio section of this website to see list of my clients, and read some additional information on projects I has being involved.

I love technology. Either it is new electronics device, Voice over IP gadget, audio, photo, video equipment or new software. I spend hours researching newest technologies to keep myself on top of the current and future technology related news.

Contact me, and let's bring your ideas to life!

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